Open hours: 19:00 to 02.00
On Sundays, we're closed!

The Alchemical Pub

Exemplar musical research facility of tsipouro drinking, delicacy eating and grapevine.

About Us

Alchemical Materials: tsipouradiko or Pub? Avoiding the definitions and details, but remaining in the substance we ended up that for us it remains the same.

A small space that you can enjoy Greek beers, wine, tsipouro, rakomelo (raki,honey,cinamon) or a spirit at a familiar and friendly enviroment. You may not know anyone but everyone to seem like friends and in short time they can actually become.

All drinks come with a meze. Here we do not sell food. Our logic is that we are here to drink and have a good time. To complete the pleasure tho, every sip needs a bite!

Basic goal is providing the best product quality,and that is why first, we who are working here, we try the drinks and the meze that will be served,and after we get sure for the tastefullness and there quality we will offer them to you.

To take off the pleasure the last touch has the music. Mainly rock, Greek and foreign, but sometimes according with ours and yours offcourse appetite! Not missing the swing also or reggae,ska or some blues.

Here… every night we are a company and we wait for you to make it bigger!!!

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